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The Beginning of Anabolics as we know them today...

1931 is the year we must go back to in order to look at the beginning of anabolics as we know them today, in particular to Germany and a chemist by the name of Adolf Butenandt. Although by this we point we understood the importance and hormones, it was he who actually extract and purify the hormone andostenone, which he did from extracting it from urine. Some time after this (not known exactly when) another German chemist actually developed the hormone and made it safe for use in humans and by 1935 it was first used…and actually led its creators to win a nobel prize! It was five years later in 1940 when the Soviet union began injecting their athletes with testosterone, which was combatted by John Ziegler who developed Dianabol for US athletes to use to help them overcome their Russian adversaries. By 1958 it was approved by the FDA for human use and that opened the door for many more steroids to be approved for use in humans. And so it began...