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Anadrol for Sale Online

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Chemical Structure & profile:

Chemical name: Oxymetholone
Chemical formua: 17 beta-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstan-3-one
Year of release: 1960
Effective dose: 50mg - 150mg
Half life: 16 hours
Detection time: up to 10 weeks
Androgenic: Anabolic ratio: 45:230

Although it is derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone), what sets it apart from other DHT-based anabolic steroids such as Winstrol, Anavar and Masteron is that is used for bulking (rather than cutting); it is widely assumed that the reason for this is its 2-hydroxyemthylene group. Despite being similar to other DHT-dervied steroids (such as not binding to the androgen receptor particularly strongly and being 17a-alpha-alkylated), it differs greatly in the fact that it is able to put on significant weight - more profoundly than any other steroids available. 

The effects  on the body:

Also referred to as 'A-bombs', it was first developed to aid those with anemia and other diseases/conditons where weight and muscle loss is prominent. This clearly shows just how effective it is at putting on muscle and weight, in addition to promoting strength gains, increasing red blood cell count and in some users an increase in appetite.  A 30 week study on patients with AIDS showed an average body mass increase of 8kg and although the weight increase plateaued at the 20 mark, this still shows how powerful it is. Users can expect dramatic weight gains within the first few weeks of use; it's not uncommon for a novice to put on 20lbs in as little as 3 weeks! Of course, this isn't all muscle as the mass gained will be very 'watery', but some muscle growth will be promoted so long as a structured hypertrophy based routine and high protein diet are adhered to. Strength will also increase rapdily - expect to add weight each gym session. 

Side Effects:

As mentioned above, it is 17-alpha-alkylated which allows it to pass through the liver without being broken down. This however does cause some liver toxicity, the extent of which do vary but in the same 30 week study mentioned above it did cause a fairly significant increase in liver values. Of course users would never use it for 30 weeks, so a 4-6 weeks cycle at a sensible dosage should cause no serious risk to liver health. The degree of supression that a user experiences will differ from individual to individual, although it is commonly known that it is a fairly supressive steroid. Surprisingly, it may cause estrogenic side effects despite the fact it cannot convert to estrogen (being DHT based) and has no progestenic activity (it actually lowered progesterone levels in one study), which has led many to believe that it may interact with the estrogen receptor on its own. In addition it may also cause increased blood pressure, decreased appetite, headaches, bloating and a general feeling of not being well. It must be noted however, that side effects depend entirely on the individual in question. Although studies have shown few side effects on a dose of 100mg for several weeks, it varies from person to person. As with all steroids it is strongly advised to monitor your health frequently during a cycle to minimise the risk of serious side effects. Other side effects include: altered lipid profile, hair loss and acne.

Suggested dosages & cycle length:

Although the old addage 'less is more' is commonly used when discussing steroid dosages, in respect to 'drol' the more you use the more you'll gain. This doesn't mean you should go crazy and start popping 6 pills a day, but studies have shown that strength gains whilst using 100mg are double that of that 50mg, in addition to greater lean muscle mass accrual and fat loss. Our advice here is to start at 50mg for a few days to a week and see how you feel and then up the dosage (to a maximum of 150mg) if required. There is usually a trade-off  it's no different, 150mg will produce better gains than 100mg, but will also cause more side effects, so in terms of gains to side effect ratio 100mg is the optimum dose. 

Stacking with other Steroids:

It is perfectly feasible to stack it with an injectable steroid, such a testosterone (or any other long ester injectable), and use for the first 4-6 weeks of a cycle. This is known as a 'kicker' or 'kick-start', where a fast acting oral steroid is used to promote gains whilst the longer acting steroid builds up in the system. Anadrol has been shown to lower SHBG, which means that if used with testosterone for example, more testosterone will be 'free' in the bloodstream, meaning it is free to act upon the androgen receptor. The higher % of free testosterone the better (in terms of building muscle). Despite the fact it may produce androgenic side effects, it does not bind to the androgen receptor significantly (it's too low to be measured) meaning it produces it effects via non androgen receptor pathways. How does this relate to stacking? Well, if it doesn't bind to the androgen receptor it means the androgen receptor is free for other (more androgenic steroids, such as testosterone) to bind to it. This clearly shows how valuable it can be as part of a bulking stack.

My personal experience:

I have used it twice now, firstly by itself for a 6 week cycle and for 4 weeks at the beginning of a testosterone cycle. Both times I felt good on 50mg, a little less good but still ok on 100mg and not good on 150mgs! This is what I usually find from speaking to other users - 150mg is that little step too far! Gains were dramatic both times - I put on around 25lbs during the 6 weeks standalone cycle (of which i kept around 7lbs) and 17lbs during the 4 week 'kickstart'. I did notice a little shedding and blood pressure was slightly up, (which did cause headaches from time to time) but all in all I tolerated it very well.

Closing thoughts:

As you can see, it is an extremely potent bulking oral anabolic that should not be taken lightly. It stacks well with longer-acting more androgenic injectable based steroids as part of a bulking cycle - it shouldn't be used for cutting due to the 'watery' gains previously mentioned. Remember, start with a lose dose of 50mg (some even suggest 25mgs) and work your way up...and be sure to monitor any side effects for the sake of your health!

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