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What payment methods can you use to buy steroids on the intetnet?

Where can you buy steroids with your credit or debit card?

In short, yes, but even though it is a straight forward answer there is much more to it and potential buyers must be extremely vigilant before making any online purchases using their card. Why is this? The answer to this is two-fold: 1) there are lots (and I mean lots!) of sites out there offering anabolics and working out which are legit and which are not can be a tricky task (although with the emergence of several fairly large review sites it is now becoming a lot easier to find out which sites are good and which are not); and 2) which stores actually accept this payment method - there are not all that many. When you couple these two factors together then it becomes apparent that it probably won't be all that easy to find a site that accepts payment this way and sells legitimate products. Luckily that's where we come in!

A question asked frequently is: 'Why do some sites only accept international money transfer or bank transfer? First (and most obviously) of all, selling anabolics isn't legal in most countries, therefore in these countries no payment gateway company or merchant bank would ever allow a website selling these type of products to have a card processing facility (either on or offline). Secondly, and probably most importantly is that money transfers/bank transfers cannot be reversed, so once you've sent your payment that is the last you will ever see of it. This gives these businesses the security of never having to give refunds and as most transfers are done to aliases or fake names, there is very little chance of comebacks from it. Plus, who is going to make a complaint to their bank or the police about the fact they tried to purchase anabolics online and got ripped off?! No-one! Most sites that only offer these payment methods say that is for the customers security, but in reality it is simply so they can protect themselves.

'Are card payments better then?', you are probably thinking. For you, the consumer, most definitely. The amount of protection you have as a buyer is unparalleled and this means either you'll receive your goods or you can get your bank to issue a chargeback (if you ever have any issues) - either you win; you will get the anabolics you ordered or you get your money back - this doesn't happen with money transfers. Plus, the great thing about requesting a chargeback is that it doesn't matter what you've purchased - if you haven't received your goods and the company/site you purchased them from cannot proved they have been delivered to you (by providing tracking and signature proof) then you will win, no question. 

How can you find these sites? Unfortunately there aren't any detailed lists that specify them, so it is simply a case of going a Google search for whatever kind of compounds you're after and then trawling through the first few pages of results to see if any offer card payments. Alternatively you can search for the type of anabolic you're after and also add in 'card payment' in as well - this is probably the best option as you will find the type of store you're after. That is the first part anyway, the most important part is checking whether they are legitimate or not. This can be done by viewing the reviews on the site, although they can sometimes be faked. Luckily, site such as eRoids and MuscleGurus have detailed feedback on most online sellers, with actual verified users having posted the reviews. I would highly recommend looking at these sites anyway; plus you can specify the country you're in so you can find a seller that is local to you. It is a shame that not as many sites offer this payment method anymore as when I used to buy anabolics many years ago, there were numerous sites that did. I guess as time has gone by (with all the steroid scandals et al) they have cracked down a lot on this kind of thing.

What can also be taken into consideration is the country from which the products will be sent from/where the business is based. If the it based in a country where the laws are strict, such as USA, Australia and Canada then you may find it harder to obtain legitimate products or even products at all. Sites that are UK-based are usually reliable, as are those from Europe as the legality of anabolics is much more relaxed than in the stricter countries.

So there you have it! A brief, albeit fairly detailed, guide on how to try and ensure your online purchases go as smooth as possible. The key thing to remember is to be careful and ensure that check and double-check the source. Do your research, read the reviews, even post on forums asking if anyone has used them before. Don't just rush into purchasing for the sake of it as you may regret it down the line if you were to lose your hard earned money to fake websites. Of course, paying by card will greatly reduce the chances of this but it is always better to be safe than sorry! I hope you have found this useful and I genuinely hope your online purchases go smoothly. You can visit the website we link to at the top of the to buy online discreetly now. 100% secure payments and fast worldwide shipping guaranteed!